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Get to know the Artist


Wakai Jr is an Afrobeat Pop singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and the head of his independent record label, Jo Record.  On April 30, 2021, the young Afrobeat artist will release his fourth single "My Jue". With his upcoming EP "No Yama, Yama" which will finally showcase the artist's hard work and dedication over the years. The African Superstar music artist creates a blissful and hopeful escape for his fans while keeping them widely entertained. His style cleverly combines instant American Pop hooks with a timeless Afrobeat songwriting style. Wakai Jr is a master of his craft with the unique voice and sound design capabilities to stand out against today's Afrobeat artists. With an undeniable passion and love for music, Wakai Jr has shown that he means business. The star is here to stay for the long run in the Music Industry.